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Under what circumstances will the trip be canceled?

Answer: The trip cancellation will depend on a number of factors. The most important factor is knowing if we will have the instrumentation we need. This is why our first deadline, Sept. 23, is for filling out the interest form is so important:

I paid and now the trip is canceled.

Answer: If you have already paid and we cancel prior to the deposit date of Nov. 15 we can guarantee the return of your funds minus the processing fees.  

There will be an opportunity for individual families to purchase trip insurance for post Nov. 15 cancellations. This will be an additional cost per student for those who wish to purchase the insurance and it must be purchased before the final amount is due. This is not a mandatory purchase. Details to come.

If your employer has matched your donation it is your responsibility to check with your employer about their rules for matching and refunds.  Remember your donation is tax deductible and NIMB welcomes the donation. The $650 deposit is due Nov. 15.

You mentioned that there will be 100 seats (2 buses) for this trip, what if more than 100 students want to go?

Our current information tells us that 100 is a number that will allow everyone who signs up to attend.

What is the rooming situation for the chaperones?

Chaperones share a room with another chaperone. Students share the room with other students. You will not be chaperoning your own student. Students and chaperones will all be in the same hotel. If a chaperone would like to pay for their own room they may purchase a room at the same hotel through our travel agent.

Do color guard go, or is this just for the band? What about marching band musicians who don't play in a classroom ensemble?

We will not have an answer for this until all the interest forms have been turned in but we have some ideas.

How often does the Disney trip happen?

In the past the trip has gone every two years.

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